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NSA-WI Has Talent

March 12, 2010

by Rob Bell
Professional Member 

If you didn’t attend the March 11th program, you missed one of the most enjoyable and inspiring sessions that I have attended in a long time.

The theme for the day was “I’D LOVE TO REFER YOU BUT I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU SPEAK ON – A day to Hone Your Skills, Meet Your Neighbors, and Build Your Business.” 

During the Speaker U afternoon session, a feedback panel of professional NSA-WI members comprised of Jim Morrison, Kinza Christensen, Eliz Greene, Chip Lutz, and Rob Bell had the pleasure of enjoying the presentations of six up and coming speakers. After each session we provided feedback and suggestions to add sparkle & polish to their presentation.

It takes a lot of courage to present strut your stuff in front of a panel of “seasoned” speakers. The talent for the afternoon included Jeff Kortes, Jodi Pliszka, Tina Boyle-Whyte, Wendy Naarup, Joey Guido, and Hillary Wynn. Congratulations to all six of the Speaker U participants. You all did a great job.

The evening program was a wonderful opportunity Patty Hendrickson, Jim Morrison, Jason Kotecki, Larry Cockerel, Chip Lutz, Eliz Greene, and Rob Bell to showcase 15 minutes of what we do. 

I’m proud to be a member of NSA-WI. We definitely have talent and tons of insight, inspiration, and ideas to help our clients succeed both personally and professionally.

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