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Why It Might Be Time to Become Part of a Dynamic Business Duo

September 17, 2010

Sally Anders, author of Dynamic Business Duos, spoke at our September meeting, offering a win/win solution to the downside of traditional business partnerships.

Many people dream of becoming entrepreneurs but very few succeed. Sally explained the top 3 reasons one-person businesses fail and showed us how to avoid those pitfalls by creating POW!er Partnerships. What if you could set up a partnership with someone who was invested in your success, gave you honest feedback and held you accountable to your goals without any financial obligation? Initially that might sound like a mentorship but it’s much more than that. In a POW!er Partnership the relationship goes both ways.

Sally entertained us with the challenges she faced trying to “go it alone” and the challenges she faced trying to find the right POW!er Partner. Then she gave us a 5-step process to establish a POW!er Partnership that works. Becoming part of a Dynamic Business Duo makes so much sense that you’ll want to apply the principles to other areas in your life.

This post was written by Candidate Member Wendy Naarup.

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