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Chris Clarke-Epstein Helps Chapter Members Prove Their Worth and Increase Their Value

May 20, 2011

Chris Clarke-Epstein, CSP, is a legend and for good reason. It’s not her 20 plus years as a successful professional speaker, it wasn’t her term as NSA National President, and surprisingly, it wasn’t her term as NSA-WI Chapter President that made her a legend. Chris is a legend because she does “change” better than anyone else and because she motivates “change” in her audiences. She gets results.

During our May meeting she gave us a sneak preview of her white paper titled, How Speakers Deliver Return on Attendance (ROA). We were asked to explain the tangible ways an organization benefits from hiring us to speak at their learning event. In other words, why should a meeting planner hire a professional speaker instead of a DJ? We learned what to do before, during, and after an event to increase ROA. She gave us the 7 steps to building ROA into our programs. Chris single-handedly transformed us from an audience of professional speakers with great content to an audience of professional speakers who not only understand the value of proving our worth, but who are focused on putting things in place that increase our value.

Chris’s open, honest, candid style kept us focused and entertained throughout the evening. Her wisdom combined with her passion and humor make you want to sign up for everything with her name attached. And why wouldn’t you?

This post was written by Wendy Naarup.

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